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rummaging around relics
Monday, 26 August 2013
Retracing the steps of Civil War History to find the story about John Lilburne during his time in Oxford Gaol takes up the bank holiday.  Looking at maps of how England was fortified in the Civil
view of a city centre court
Friday, 29 June 2012
One of the oldest tennis courts in England is found in Merton Street, just behind Christ Church here viewed from Oxford’s Carfax tower.  Christ Church was briefly known as Henry the Eighth College
Mercurial Ascot
Friday, 22 June 2012
Rain dampens the sequins of heads full of fascinators this year at the races.  The sky looks like a landscape of Turner’s, all mercurial and dynamic with just one or two colours swirling in the
Long may it rain
Thursday, 7 June 2012
Senior Citizens Enjoy Brighton Jubilee Street Party
Rain drops fall and make street flags flicker.
There’s a flame in a street nearby still burning
where doodlebugs once stopped whistling.
Some dim memories of flyering
Sunday, 27 May 2012
The break dancers are jamming to live music near the Pavilion gardens.  I feel pain.  It gnaws away at me as the sheets of rain fall over New Road.  I’m stood here just before the fringe has begun.
Afternoon of May 25th 1943 Brighton is hit by the biggest air raid of the war.  When 3 school girls block out their fear of German invasion dark secrets are told that changes their lives forever.  Watch the story unfold in a new play, at Theatre Upstairs at Three and Ten for the Brighton Fringe.