Long may it rain
Senior Citizens Enjoy Brighton Jubilee Street Party
Rain drops fall and make street flags flicker.
There’s a flame in a street nearby still burning
where doodlebugs once stopped whistling.
Songs of the Commonwealth we now sing
over wet sandwiches and plates of jelly wobbling
on top of shaking table legs that stand stall.
Amongst it all on Elm Grove there are locals who rose
daily from rickety shelters proud for their country when threatened
by imminent invasion; today we play
a game of musical chairs under bunting that shakes.
Today it is only the wind that pushes
a fearful look from side ways eyes seeing
only another wave of rain to fall
on the make shift canopies to cover the Seniors.
This gang are British and got through a war
so weather remains no problem at all.
My Blog
Thursday, 7 June 2012